Multilingual Knowledge Transmission of International Chinese Language Learners in China

By Lynne Li and Xiao Wang.

Published by The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Global Studies

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The concept of knowledge transfer has been researched primarily and vigorously in business and multinational organisations for the past few decades. It has only been in the past few years that this interest and attention has stretched beyond the business world to higher education management and innovation as well as learning and teaching in universities. However little of such research has been directed at language learners who constantly engage in the process of transmitting multilingual and multicultural knowledge which is deeply embedded in their native and the newly acquired languages and cultures. This study brings knowledge creation, dissemination and sharing into language education by a group of international learners studying Chinese language at a University in China. By drawing on the scholarly literature around business knowledge management, and that of language and cultural studies, this paper explores the impact of cultural differences in language learning and the factors that affect the process of linguistic and cultural knowledge transmission and sharing in a target learning context. The findings contribute to learning and teaching of Chinese language as well as that of other languages in the context of international education. The implications on educational policy-making for language educators and institution management personnel are highlighted within the landscape of knowledge economy.

Keywords: National Culture, Knowledge Transmission, Multilingual Knowledge, Multicultural Knowledge

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, Volume 9, Issue 3-4, July 2015, pp.1-11. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: July 23, 2015 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 605.471KB)).

Dr. Lynne Li

Coordinator of Chinese Language (HE) Lecturer in Language Studies, School of Global Studies, Social Sciences and Planning, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Xiao Wang

Department Head, English Department, Language School of Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing, China